Burmese Kittens

Burmese Kittens coming soon!

Most people looking for a Burmese kittens know all about the breeds fabulous personality, extreme intelligence, agility and beauty!  These cats know their name and come when called; can be taught to fetch a ball, and LOVE to meet new people.


Our Burmese Kittens

But most people donā€™t know that almost all American Burmese cats are the descendants of two cats from the 1930ā€™s.  And because of this fact, the genetic problems with American Burmese have spiked and unfortunately, cats are dying quite young. To counteract this terrible problem, I have cats with an infusion of NEW genetics strait from Thailand! My two sisters are half Thai Burmese and half America Burmese. And most often, they are mated with full or half Thai Burmese. The resulting kittens are wonderful, happy, healthy, and genetically diverse (with a coefficient of 0%)!





Rose (left) and Zuzu (right) are full sisters.  They are fantastic and well-loved members of our family...sleeping between us and under the covers when not busy being mommies.  And they are both terrific mothers! Many times they not only tend to their own babies but also their nieces and nephews. It is one big, happy family.  My kittens are highly socialized and introduced to loads of people, children, the other family cats, and the family dogs. They tend to acclimate extremely quickly to new homes (referrals available on request)!

Both Rose and Zuzu are regularly screened for feline leukemia and current on their vaccines. And all kittens receive their first FVRCP vaccine at 8 week.  Kittens are able to go to new homes at 10 weeks. Because we will not ship our babies, we do offer a hand delivery personalized service to your home!