Why “Open Door Farm”?

You may have guessed it already but we did move into that rundown farmhouse and it wasn’t easy and we gave it an interesting name. Do you wonder how we got the name “Open Door Farm”?


Well, after we found our dream property in Great Falls, Virginia we were bidding against developers that wanted to tear down the existing house and build four McMansions (I mean it is Great Falls).  We raised our offer as they kept raising theirs. Finally at our wits end, we went to church to try and find some peace. As we sat in the pew, I had a very serious discussion with my good friend, St Joseph.  Many times in my life I have turned to him and never have I been left unaided. I begged St Joseph to help with the house - I asked that our FINAL offer (all out of money, couldn’t go any higher!) be accepted - if I “sweetened the pot.”  In return for his help, I promised to always have my door open to those in need…in need of a drink, a meal, a chat, a bed, a home. He could send anyone to us and we would welcome them with open arms.

My husband and I returned from church to find a message waiting - the sellers had accepted our offer!  We had our dream home and dream property - the perfect spot for our family and our animals.

We moved in and started dreaming and planning.  And I have always tried to uphold my end of the deal.  Our door is open to all…friends, new friends, the lonely, the hungry, and countless homeless animals.  So, stop by sometime…The door is Open!

Maura Kelly