Runaway lambs

Tough week here at ODF. Tried to wean the lambs. I don’t usually have to do this but my mommies were so skinny. I wanted them to put all their energies towards themselves.

Anyway, put the lambs all in the far field with the horses, water, grain, etc. They should have been happy but they weren’t! And the little ones started figuring out ways to escape. Trying to catch upset, squirming, frantic lambs is no easy task! After an hour of roping, pulling and bribing, we (my daughter and I) had 8 of 10 back where they belonged. Two left. But these two really didn’t want anything to do with us. We were at a standoff. Then my daughter started baa-ing. First as a joke then realized that they were responding to her. She proceeded to baa and slowly walked back to the intended field. The two little guys were back with the other lambs! Yeah, job well done.

Next morning, they were all out again. I surrendered and let them go back with their mom’s. You can’t fight nature. She always wins.

Maura Kelly