These two….that’s what I want to talk about today. As many of you know, Zuzu had 6 kittens last Friday, July 12th. Rose had 5 kittens on Thursday night, July 18th. All are doing well. The bond that these two share, especially when pregnant and rearing their little ones is a magical thing. While Zuzu was in labor, Rose kept coming in and checking on her. And same happened when Rose had hers. But what really blew my mind, happened when all were born and everything was settled down. I put Rose in a crate next to Zuzu’s crate with a soft blanket and a heating pad underneath. Kind of the Four Seasons of cat postpartum. But, she wasn’t having it!! She immediately began “stealing” any kittens of Zuzu’s that made the slightest peep. I kept putting the little ones back with the correct mother. How stupid was I?? Nature always gets its way….finally, I stopped fighting it. I put all of Rose’s kittens and Rose into the big crate. The kittens immediately began co-mingling. And Rose and Zuzu…well, they take turns feeding, cleaning, and snuggling whomever might need it. And, when not too busy with a baby, they care for each other too. The picture is Zuzu lovingly licking Rose…kind of a “You did a great job, way to go, I’’m so proud of you”!

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Maura Kelly